Monday, July 18, 2016

Microsoft Application Platform Innovation aka Azure Simplified.

Azure is the future of Microsoft by all means. But it should be taken into consideration that rival Amazon Webservice have a huge lead in this area. Besides Infrastructure as a Service Microsoft also offers Platform As a Service to azure customers. Let me List some of them

  • Azure Media Services
  • Azure Biztalk Integration Services
  • Cortana Intelligence Suit
 All such services are very useful to Enterprise customers and tech startups. How about  SMBs in non technology sectors. They don't want  really enter  to this complex cloud areas. For a small business who doesn't want complex integration using Biztalk can easily use Flow for their purpose. SaaS applications are the once they prefer. So Microsoft developing a series of SaaS applications which are the Simplified forms of azure Services. And collectively these services are called Microsoft Application Platform Innovation 

  • Flow can be considered as  a simplified version of Microsoft Biztalk Service
  • PowerApps  is a simplified application development service.
  • Power BI - a data visualization and business intelligence service highly useful for SMBs .
  • Stream - developed based on Azure media services.
I will even add madeira and appsouce also to  this list.

  • Appsource - Saasified Azure Marketplace
  • Project "Madeira" - Simplified Dynamics AX+ Dynamics CRM online.
And I expect more services will join this team  soon.

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