Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Microsoft Office suit is ready for post windows era. What about its Home suit?

Microsoft Office suit is in a cloud first mobile first world now. Most of the Office apps have good cloud versions and mobile apps. Microsoft is also building new cloud apps in their office productivity suit.  Rcently Microsoft released a sharepoint app on iOS. And they are  building it for Android and Windows Platforms. And I know they are building it for Project.  So the only area in office suit which doesn't get attention is Dynamics. I will write a seperate article about that.

Now coming to Home/Living room services, previously all these were under the Xbox brand. Now it is  not. And lets check out those services

Groove Music -feature rich client in Windows. Poor clients in android and iOS . Apps didn't update for an year.

Movies & TV - Again Good clients on  Windows. No client on iOS and Android. If they are serious to compete with Google Play and Amazon Prime, they need a standalone brand as well. If Microsoft believes "Zune" brand is completely forgot by people, then that can reuse it here.

EBook Reader and Store - Not available at all.

Candidate Service to Join the above List

Maps - Windows maps is good. If they can bring the same to android and iOS under the brand "Bing Maps" it will be great.

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