Monday, July 18, 2016

Microsoft Outlook improves rating steadily on Android Play Store

Microsoft Outlook is the multi platform email/calendar client. Outlook's mobile apps were not so good. But things have changed by the acquisition of Acompli  app and Sunrise app. Acompli app became Outlook mobile app and sunrise features are getting integrated to outlook. Outlook(Acompli) iOS app is a top rated app where as its android version was little buggy. It was rated 3.5 in the play store. From then Outlook app was steadily improving its performance and features which reflected in the rating as well. Now its average rating is 3.8.

Microsoft's another major communication app is Skype for Business . Skype for Business app is also  improving on android platform. Which also have same 3.8 out of 5 rating. But unlike Outlook on iOS,  Skype for business on iOS  have rating between 2 and 3. Apple app Store only show country wise results (Like Windows Store). I hope things will get improved soon Microsoft recently acquihired talko team (A ray Ozie startup)   to work on Skype for Business .

Mean while let me share high rated Skype for Business client. Sky -a Professional designed app with a neat UI. Its rating is 4.3 on Android and almost 4 on iOS in United States.

Get Sky apps from here iOS Android

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