Monday, July 18, 2016

Say Hello to Microsoft Stream

Microsoft today introduced a new business focused video service preview  Microsoft Stream. Microsoft already offers a business focused video service office 365 Video. As per company sources once Stream is out of preview Office 365 will video will get migrated to stream. Now you can sign up for preview freely provided you have a business email address.

Now let me dig a little bit. This news surprised me a lot due to following reasons.
1)Office 365 video is well received and just 2 Year old.
2)It is not Office team who is developing behind Stream (My assumption)

I have first seen the announcement of Microsoft Stream in Office Blogs.But they are providing a link to Microsoft Blogs. That sounds pretty surprising . I also notes that it is not Office team who announced this service. It seems, Microsoft's newly announced services Flow, Power Apps, Power BI, Appsource and now Stream  are coming from the same family. Another thing I have checked is who own the But Microsoft doesn't own it . My intention was to check the probabilities of a new website launch as we seen in case of But no such chance exist as of now. Microsoft is very well aware of the grip Youtube have in that space.

And I feel that it is part of a big strategy that  Microsoft planned. And  my readers excuse me as I am writing that as a separate post(just because title of this post doesn't seem to fit to this content. Here it is

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