Saturday, July 2, 2016

Surface All in One. Oh really?

Surface All In One - iMac competitor ..oh what? Oops .. Is Microsoft going to do the job of hp and Dell?  Hold on.. Before jumping into assumptions let us look into one more thing.  Rumors are just rumors as always. WindowsCentral  wrote an article.  In which they mentioned that  Surface AIO could be a consumer system. They have also mentioned that it is a  guess work. Lets explore this in detail.

Microsoft Surface 1.0

Before the  Surface Tablets and 2 in 1s coming into picture , MS Developed a computer  which will identify the touches using Camera. They have marketed it as product. It was a full fledged PC. After some time Microsoft partnered with Samsung and introduced the next version of Surface. This time Microsoft concentrated on software and Samsung took care of hardware. They have removed the cameras and introduced the multi touch surface  technology. Device was named as Samsung SUR40. After a period of time SUR40 discontinued. When Surface tablets are introduced technology  is re branded as Pixel Sense.
Is Surface AIO is the successor of these devices?

to be frank I don't know the answer. It can be. Like PerspectivePixel  became Surface Hub, PixelSense becomes Surface AIO. It make sense. A french company Kineti already introduced such a concept

Let us go through the arguments.

  • Surface is here to create new product categories - favors Living room device.
  • Surface is all about productivity - favors iMac competitor 
Source : Windows Central

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