Saturday, July 2, 2016

Surface Phone - Expecteations, Concepts and Opportunities

Microsoft's Surface line of premium devices enjoyed a success. The main reason behind its success is Surface Pro tablets which created a device category aka 2 in 1s. However Microsoft has little access in smart phone segment where Lumia Phones represent the company.  Now fans are crying for a  Surface Phone to replicate the success of Surface Tablets. Of course there should be a surface phone and rumors indicates that Microsoft is  already in the works of the so called Surface Phone.

Why Phone is Important?

When PCs rule the world, Microsoft enjoyed a 90% market share with Windows. Not just windows OS , Microsoft took advantage of this where ever possible. Thus Office, Internet Explorer, MSN,Windows Server all have backing of Windows OS. But now the world has changed. PCs become less relevant. We use Gaming consoles for Gaming (Where Microsoft have only <30% market share).  We use  Smart TVs run by Android/Amazon/Apple/Roku. Again we use eReaders from Amazon. And all these are connected by Phones run by Android/Apple iOS.  See PCs is no longer required for Home Entertainment, Gaming, book reading and Productivity tasks except the very professional ones. You can do most of your productivity tasks with your smart phones. This situation risks Windows revenue as well as associated Services revenue. So a mobile success is very Important for Microsoft at any time.

Why Lumia doesn't work?

Nokia Lumia (later became Microsoft Lumia after the 7 billion acquisitions of Nokia Mobile division) was a series of phones powered by Windows Phone OS to compete with Android and iOS. Lumia line has phones ranging from entry line to Flagships.  But it didn't meet success because of three important reasons 
  • It was Late - it was playing a catch up game with  iOS/Android
  • Windows Phone OS was not a superior offering - early releases were not featur rich to compete against the rivals.
  • Lack of Hardware innovation - Apple earned billions through early success  whereas  Android has the backing of all major OEMs. But only Microsoft and Nokia backed Windows Phones
If Nokia/Microsoft  would have innovated new hardware  lines, fate of Windows would have a  different ending.

Now what? 

Which is the best android phone?  Nexus?? A Nexus run by Windows 10 Mobile is that the Surface you dream? Lol if that is the case it will be nothing but just fan's device. It will just reduce the reputation of Surface brand. Why no body won't buy such a surface phone? Hardware is equal.  Android OS is supported by million developers whereas Windows Mobile OS  has only limited support from app developers. So the obvious choice will be android for sure.

App developers won't come to Windows Mobile platform all of a sudden. So the only option left with Surface Phone is hardware innovation. If Surface Phone can do more than that of an Android Phone, the professionals will turn to Surface Phone. Continuum is such an innovation (but a software innovation) . But again it  need extra hardware , a dock a display screen etc. But if Microsoft  can innovate a device which doesn't need extra hardware but can do the tasks of a tablet/(or even PC) that is the perfect  surface phone.

Sounds like  day dreamer's ideas? Let me tell about a  specific concept. Sorry but it is not my concept. It is a concept by Samsung (as per rumors). Bendable Phones by Samsung

See you can use this phone as a tablet as well. A phone/tablet hybrid. You can  watch  movies  /Edit documents/ read e books more conveniently same time you can carry it as  phone. What more you want  to make a spark?

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