Thursday, July 28, 2016

There won't be a Surface Mini or Surface 4, but there can be a Surface Pro 5 Mini

Hey you guys are waiting for a Surface 4(the non pro version )? , or you badly wanna Surface Mini (The Surface tablet which is developed and abandoned)? Keep waiting :) you won't get that anytime soon! Simply because Software is not ready. To be precise Windows is not ready to power Mid size tablets yet!! Sounds strange? You can still run such tablets on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile. But the user experience won't be up to the mark. A brand like Surface will care User experience, won't they?

The Surface (Aka Surface RT) and its successor Surface 2 were running on Windows RT platform which is dead already. Surface 3 was running on Windows 10, but it wasn't a hit. After all what is the point in running full windows in no pro tablet. Performance and battery will be compromised for sure. So the best option for Microsoft is to stop making Surface tablet . Oh wait , I haven't talked about running Windows 10 Mobile on Surface 4. Running Windows 10 mobile on Surface. Oh yea . An ARM based chip, Windows 10 Mobile, 10" screen . Performance won't compromise so as battery. But what about apps? The apps designed for phones. Maximum screen size (5.5") running on a 10" tablet. Phew, may be some Chinese/Indian  OEMs can do that. Microsoft can't do that.. User Experience.  Windows UWP apps have a portrait mode, it doesn't mean just change the screen orientation. To be precise the difference in iPhone apps and iPad apps. But how many Windows Mobile apps have that experience? 

What about Surface Pro 5 Mini?

A Surface pro mini  doesn't face any such troubles.  A tab with Intel Kabylake processor, high end specs, full Windows 10 and 10" screen. it is actually useful for many. A smaller version of actual surface pro. iPad Pro also have a smaller screen sized version. But you can expect such a variant.

So there won't be a Surface/Surface Mini?
As of now there is no chance  (according to my own opinion). But Microsoft can explore this possibility later. But for sure any of these 2 should happen
  • Windows 10 RT - Developers are very keen about Windows UWP app. All major apps are available in the store. then MS release a Windows 10 RT which will run all UWP apps on Windows. And a Surface and Surface Mini is possible (btw, nice imagination ;))
  • Surface Phone is hit. More and more apps support continuum and portrait mode. Then Microsoft can release at least Surface Mini which runs on Windows 10 Mobile.

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