Friday, September 30, 2016

Ignite coverage : Delve Analytics is now MyAnalyics

Delve- Microsoft's AI powered tool for productivity is re branded as MyAnalytics. It got a new logo and features too.Technically this is a great tool.  This is an extremely useful tool for power users.

What is Delve or MyAnalytics?
  • MyAnalytics is an AI powered tool which is part of Office 365 tool.
  • MyAnalytics will tell you how much time you spend on reading emails, meetings etc.
  • It will tell whom you interact most and whom you are losing touch.
  • It will tell how responsive is your emails and much more insight.
  • It will show your most important contacts and files determined by AI. 

Ignite coverage : The Adobe -Microsoft cloud deal

At Ignite stage Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayanan and Microsoft CEO  announced a very important cloud deal. The terms of the deal are  given below
  • Adobe's flagship cloud products will be available through Microsoft Azure . This include Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud will be the preferred Marketing solution for Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Enterprise version
 As we all know the first term is a great deal for Microsoft Azure whereas second term will favor Adobe. But what does that mean to Dynamics 365? Few weeks back we got leaked slides of Dynamics 365 pricing. Here is the enterprise version slide.

In this slide marketing module is marked as to be discussed. Neither its price is revealed nor Microsoft confirmed such a product is coming. Microsoft Dynamics (Not Dynamics 365) have a marketing product named Dynamics Marketing which is developed based on the acquisition of Marketing Pilot. This Dynamics marketing is a very basic offering. So either Microsoft will bring only this basic solution to Dynamics 365 enterprise or it won't bring it at all.  The partnership with the Market leader Adobe smells so. And such a partnership is safe to Microsoft also. Adobe doesn't have a  sales/service offering unlike Microsoft/Salesforce. So we can safely assume that Dynamics 365 enterprise is a combination of  Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics AX along with PowerApps and Flow. So the success of this product depends on how much rework they did to this product?. How much they have integrated each other ?. And How fast they can unwrap this product completely including new refreshed mobile apps ?

Whereas this adobe deal doesn't affect Dynamics 365 business edition in which Microsoft is developing Financials, Sales and Marketing Software from the ground up. These products will be born for the cloud and mobile world. So I have more expectation in Dynamics 365 business edition than enterprise edition.

Ignite coverage - Project Sonoma is Microsoft StaffHub