Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dynamics 365 pricing details leaked

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reported that  the pricing details of upcoming Dynamics 365 Business process suite (CRM, ERP etc) is revealed.  Below are the two editions of the
 Dynamics 365, Business and Enterprise    
Pricing details of these editions are as below. For business edition the price is $50 per user per month which  include Project Madeira (Financials), Power Apps, Sales and Marketing each of these individual components costs $40 when buying separately. I even think Microsoft Flow and Power BI embedded  will also be included in this bundle. If you are a team member who don't want full functionality it will just cost $5/user/month.

For enterprise edition  plan 1 which includes CRM functionalities  will cost $115 per user per month which includes Power Apps($40) , Sales ($95) , Field Service($40), Customer Service($95), Project Service($95) and Marketing. And the plan 2 which will also include Operations (ERP $190) will cost $210 per user per month. And  a team member license will cost $10/ user/month
 Many people tech news sites like pcworld noted that the price is too high when buying individual components.I don't think so. Even when buying individual component price is much less than that of its competitors Salesforce ,Oracle etc. And the steep discounts when buying as a bundle is the real strategy.  read about it here.

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