Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What to expect on Microsoft Hardware event?

Rumors about Microsoft's hardware events on October 26 is spreading. But Many of them are baseless. The only rumor which has some base is Surface AIO (Surface Desk). All others are just baseless rumors. But it is pretty sure that Microsoft launch more devices than just a Surface AIO. It is also sure that there won't be a Surface 4/ Microsoft Band 3. And Surface Phone is pushed to 2017. What else we can expect on this event.

Surface Pro4/Surface Book refreshed

There is a chance that Microsoft may update the hardware specs Surface Pro4 and Surface Book. Intel Kabylake  processors may power these devices. 

Surface Pro 5/Surface Book 2 - No chance

If existing surface line refresh is going to be  a major one, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 can be expected along with Surface All in one PC. But the chance is very less.

Surface 4, Microsoft Band 3

These 2 device line is abandoned as per various reports and it make sense. So don't expect these device iterations.

Surface Phone   - Not this time

Surface Phone is one device which is n works for sometime. But we can't still except this now. Because Microsoft already confirmed that they don't plan to release a phone which is in normal form factor. MS is  innovating for  new form factors in Mobile. Until that do not expect a Surface Phone.

Surface Mini/Surface Pad/Surface Note

A windows 10 mobile powered phone has limitations like app gap. But a Windows 10 Mobile , ARM  powered tablet which is built for specific purposes doesn't have limitations. Consider a 7" Surface Tab designed for Note taking, browsing and reading. Which is powered by Windows 10n Mobile which highlights and tightly integrates OneNote and Edge browser.  It makes a lot of sense.

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