Monday, May 29, 2017

A shopping List Suggestion for Microsoft -

2) AppBot

AppBot is a small startup based on Perth Australia. This is software tool for managing the AppStore Reviews by end users. A timely reply to an Appstore Review have a big impact. People will surely check the appstore ratings before downloading a mobile app. To improve the rating the bad reviews should be addressed properly.  So this system will pull review information from various appstores like Google Play Store  or Apple AppStore or Even from Microsoft  Window store and will help the Customer Support team or Product Managers to do their job efficiently. This System can be integrated to various CRM systems as well.

Appbot list Microsoft as their Customer along with Paypal, Stripe, Olx, Pinterest and Twitter.

Why it is important to Microsoft?

This is not a difficult technology. But appbot implemented a small task beautifully. This will be a great addition to Visual Studio Mobile Center ( which is the future of HockeyApp and  Xamarin Test Cloud) and Dynamics 365 Customer Service.  And the price tag will be small. So it should be an easy to digest acquisition.


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